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Lupita's "BBQ Cowboy" Collection

Lupita's B.B.Q Cowboy Collection is inspired by paying homage to a part of my heritage, my late bother, and my love for anything BBQ. With my heart and the spirit of Texas in mind Lupita's B.B.Q Cowboy Collection is created with smoke flavor, Spanish chiles, hints of cilantro, and Mexican oregano. Being a B.B.Q Cowboy means to be fearful with flavor and on the grill! This collection is not for the mundane, become a Cowboy Pitmaster today!


    Lupita's "Cowboy Chipotle" Seasoning (5.5 Oz) has an amazing deep chipotle smoked taste, with a bit of heat perfect for your grill. Get creative and make sticky honey-chipotle chicken wings. Have you ever had chipotle rubbed Salmon? Phenomenal! You can even use Lupita's "Cowboy ChipotleSeasoning on the rim of a mango margarita. The culinary possibilities are endless!
      Ingredients: Smoked chipotle powder, smoked mesquite salt, cilantro, onion, and spices. 
        Lupita's Street Taco Seasoning (5.5 Oz) brings the flavor of authentic tacos with the strong aromatic, flavors of Mexico. Bring flavor to your ground beef, lamb, chicken, fajitas, or pork with this seasoning. Sprinkle the Lupita's Street Taco Seasoning to bring your kitchen to the heart of Mexico.
          Ingredients: Chili powder, Mexican Oregano, cilantro, smoked onion, spices, bare minimal Himalayan salt.


            Ain't Cho' Average Chile Rub (5.5 Oz)The holy grail rub for any cut of beef, pork, or lamb. The mysterious flavor of   Lupita's "Aint Cho Average Chile" Rub gives meat the fragrant taste of espresso and ancho chile, a brilliant combination. Lupita's "Ain't Cho' Average Chile" Rub will bring your smoked brisket or NY strip steak to new culinary heights. This is one seasoning you might have to hide!
              Ingredients:Ancho Chile, freshly ground coffee, brown sugar, spices bare minimal Himalayan salt.

                Lupita's "Abuela's Adobo" Seasoning (5.5 Oz)When you're feeling culinary creative and you are looking for inspiration Lupita's "Abuela's Adobo" Seasoning  is the stable of that savory dish. The roasted garlic, robust onion, black pepper, and 6 other herbs and spices can be an amazing base for any dish or be used classically on its own. Use Lupita's Abuela's Adobo Seasoning on EVERYTHING and instantly turn your dull dishes into culinary creations.

                  Ingredients: Garlic, onion, cilantro, black pepper, other herbs and spices.

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